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Know the Facts

Spread the truth about sexual assault

FACT: Most survivors know their perpetrator.
In most cases the person who commits the violence is a neighbor, friend, acquaintance, co-worker, classmate, spouse, partner, or ex-partner, not a complete stranger.

FACT: The only way to consent is to say “yes.”
No outfit or behavior implies consent or means someone is “asking for it.” A person must verbally agree and can change their mind at any time during a sexual encounter. 

FACT: A person cannot consent if they’re drunk.
If someone is mentally and/or physically incapacitated, they cannot consent. This includes overconsumption of alcohol or drug use. 

FACT: Rape is an act of violence. 
Sexual violence is fundamentally rooted in power and control. Many people have sexual desires, but not everyone commits sexual assault. 

FACT: No means no. Always. 
When someone says no or acts uninterested, they mean no. Never assume there is some underlying meaning or that they really mean “yes.” If you are unclear about someone’s wishes, ask for clarification. 

FACT: Anyone can be a survivor OR perpetrator. 
Women and members of the LGBTQ+ community are most likely to experience sexual violence. Anyone can be a survivor or perpetrator regardless of their age, race, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic class, educational status, or ability.