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Library Instruction

Staff Assistance for Developing Research and Library Skills

The Library encourages faculty to include library resources in your courses.  Many student think they know more about research than their skills bear out.  We work with classes in the development of better research skills and use of Library resources.

We offer a variety of ways to encourage student's use of the Library.  We are happy to:

  • work with faculty to gather specifc types of materials for a course session or assignment
  • give guided tours of the Library space and collection areas
  • present in-depth and tiered research instruction sessions
  • or collaborate with faculty in using the Library.

Please contact: Kay Streng for working with the collection and Allan Kohl for tours and instruction sessions

 Online Help

LinkedIn has a course specifically to support the development of research skills.

Information Literacy course in LinkedIn

Or you can incorporate parts of the course into your own course

Information Literacy course