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Room Reservations Quick Start Guide

The Room Reservation Form, found on the MCAD Intranet under the Course/Room Schedule, is used to reserve classrooms and auditoriums for classes and events. Follow the steps outlined below to make space reservations for events and classes. Please make sure to submit room reservation requests at least one week ahead, and contact us by email at or by phone at 612-874-3748 if you need additional assistance.

1. To review which classrooms are available, got to the Course/Room Schedule located on the top right corner of the MCAD intranet homepage.
2. Select “ALL” and then, in the “Room Schedules drop-down menu, select the room want to view.
3. When you are ready to make a request, please fill out the Room Reservation Form.  
4. For any media or furniture setup needs associated with your space reservation, follow the prompts on the Room Reservation Form. ESS will forward these requests to the appropriate department. 

Note that Hylfex Rooms (Main 150 - Auditorium, Main 410 - Classroom & Main 414 Classroom) are reservable for the Admissions, Advancement, and Academic Affairs Offices only.

Collaborative spaces with no furniture setup, technology, or AV support needs are found on Places and Spaces under Collaborative Spaces, and can be reserved directly there. Please see our section on Places and Spaces for further information.