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Teaching Production Studio L123

Mission Statement

To provide a dedicated workspace in the Library to support faculty as they learn and implement emerging technologies in their teaching, research, and professional practice.  This space will include:

  • quiet, reserveable space for focused work and audio and video production
  • dedicated computer, software, and production equipment
  • meeting space for collaboration with other faculty and staff including Online Learning and Learning Center
  • close proximity to Library collections and staff support
  • close proximity to large LCD monitor for group meetings or presentations


Partnering Departments: 

Online Learning, Learning Center, Technology, Media Center


Online Reservation Form

Use the Course/Room Scheduler to make a reservation, or if you'd like to use the room on short notice stop by the library circulation desk to see if the room is available.  



Open when the Library is open



For immediate assistance and troubleshooting, see the circulation desk and ask for Dan, Amy or Allan.

To schedule an appointment for more in-depth assistance, email 


Hardware and Software Resources


27” iMac

3.4GHz Quad-core Intel Core i5, 16GB RAM , 256GB 

loaded with Screenflow 5 and Adobe Creative Cloud


Apple iPad Air 2 64GB


Digital document camera

Elmo 1341 TT-12i interactive document camera


Video/ Conference Camera 

Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam


Large LCD monitor

60” Samsung LCD, wall mounted with Apple TV


8.5 x11 Scanner

Epson V700 


Backdrop with Frame

Westcott X-Drop Background (5 x 7, Neutral Gray) with stand 


Microphone, stand, and filters

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Auray PFSS-55 Pop Filter with Gooseneck

Auray RFDT-128 Desktop Reflection Filter and Mic Stand



Sony MDR-V150 studio headphones



6’ x 4’ Mead Classic whiteboard


Associated cables