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Time Management

You are not alone in your struggles with time management. According to Ralph Heibutzki of Demand Media, “About 25 percent of students become chronic procrastinators, the University at Buffalo's counseling office advises. Such behaviors have many root causes, including fear of failure, lack of motivation and uncertain priorities and can make you feel more inclined to hang out with friends. However, a consistent pattern of missing deadlines will cause your grades to slip and jeopardize your academic future.” The consequences of poor time management skills can result in declining academic performance, and is often exacerbated by poor sleep patterns and poor nutrition. Students who do not get these behaviors in check can find themselves facing academic probation or even dismissal. 

Planners and Calendars

Paper Calendars

Have you picked up your paper planner from the Learning Center? If not, then please stop in and pick one up!

Electronic Calendars

MCAD's LC Planner Calendar can be viewed by clicking on the pink words. If you want to add the calendar to yours then you can do this by clicking on the + symbol in the lower right corner of the calendar. The electronic planner calendar and the paper planners have the same dates in them.

Resources for Time Management:

Time Management Tips for Students

Sleep = Better Time Management = Better Studying

The Science of Procrastination - And How To Manage It

Study Planning Tool

Test Debrief and Planning Tool

5-Day Study Plan

Life Hack’s Answer to avoiding Parkingson’s Law that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. “Make a list of your tasks, and divide them up by the amount of time it takes to complete them. Then give yourself half that time to complete each task. You have to see making the time limit as crucial. Treat it like any other deadline. Part of reversing what we’ve been indoctrinated with (work harder, not smarter) is to see the deadlines you set for yourself as unbreakable – just like the deadlines your... [instructors] set.”

Long-term Paper/Assignment Planning

Students often find they have multiple long-term projects or papers that constitute the majority of their grade in a course. Get a head start on planning and increase your likelihood for success on these assignments using Boston University's Educational Resource Center Long Term Assignment Planning worksheet.

Motivation and Time Management

Have you ever felt that motivation, or lack there of, might be your biggest obstacle to effective time management? Well, you are not alone! Watch these engaging episodes by the Indiana University at Bloomington's Student Academic Center:


What motivates you? Are intrinsically or extrinsically motivated?

Learn More Building Your Work Ethic

Time Management

Looking at this video, your first reaction might be, I don't have time for that! Trust us, you do!


The Pomodoro Technique referenced in the video