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Visiting-Artist Lecture: Nicholas Hanna

Image: 20140918-Nicholas_Hanna.jpg

Tuesday, September 23
Auditorium 150
1:00 p.m.

Nicholas Hanna is an artist and designer from Montreal, Canada. He is currently based in Los Angeles, where he produces work that investigates the sensation of wonder and the essential relationship between humans and technology. He holds a Master of Architecture degree from Yale University and an MFA in Media Arts from UCLA.

Visiting-Artist Lecture: Noboru Hidano, Thinking Out Loud Lecture

Image: 20140918-Noboru.jpg

Thursday, September 25
Auditorium 150
1:00 p.m.

This groundbreaking program explores the intersection of humanities, social sciences, and engineering.

Noburo Hidano is director of Hidano Laboratory at Tokyo Institute of Technology. An international expert and author in the field of hedonic economics, Hidano was awarded the Prize for Science and Technology in Japan. Over the past several years he has also been instrumental in bringing together artists and engineers in an annual art and technology conference at Tokyo Tech.

Recent participants in this creative mash-up include MCAD alumni Rob Fisher, Santiago Cucullu, and Aaron VanDyke as well as Emeritus faculty Kinji Akagawa.

This year's program, "Close Your Eyes Gently" features Latin sound, performance, and dance projects.

September Issue - Student Health (101)

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September's MCAD Student Health 101 is now ready - check it out and enter this month's drawing for $1,000.

Find out more - and enter the September drawing for $1,000

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