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Freelancer Open Forum for Motion and Animation

With Amy Schmitt, Kyle Franke, Andy Reynolds and Chris Averbeck
Panel Discussion:
Thursday, June 14
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6:30-8:30 p.m.

Please join Nice Moves for a Freelance Open Forum on Thursday, June 14th, in Auditorium 140.

It's no secret that there is a limited number of full-time opportunities in MN, so that leads a lot of people down the freelance path. But where do you begin? If you have started freelancing, how do you keep going? If I have a full-time job, how can I freelance on the side?

Our Freelance Open Forum will be beneficial for not only current freelancers looking to gain greater success, but also full-time artists interested in freelancing on the side. We'll chat with our professional panel of Designers, Animators, and VFX artists about their experience with freelancing. We'll also have a local studio owner on the panel to speak from the hiring perspective.

Although we might only scratch the surface on the deep topic of freelancing, you're sure to leave with a list of best practices as well as some solid action steps to advance your career.

Meet the panel:

Andy Reynolds - Founder/Executive Creative Director at motion 504
Amy Schmitt - Motion Design / Creative Direction / Illustration
Kyle Franke - Director of Photography / VFX / Motion Design
Chris Averbeck - Motion Design / Art Direction / Animation

Overview of topics:

Importance of a healthy freelance pool • Breaking into the freelance scene • Elevating your career as a freelancer • Freelancing on the side • Employers point of view • Continuing education • Time management • Online presence