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Arts Entrepreneurship Competition

Enter the first ever Arts Entrepreneurship Competition!

The Arts Entrepreneurship Department is looking for big ideas that have a meaningful impact on the community, generate economic opportunity for artists and designers, and can be carried out in an environmentally sustainable way. And awards are available to help turn those ideas into reality.

Why Is the Competition Happening?

The Arts Entrepreneurship Department is passionate about using business as a postive force for good. The goal of this competition is to spark innovation by supporting student-led initiatives that build community and create opportunity for artists and designers. Undergraduate students from all majors are invited to bring ideas forward. The challenge is to combine your creativity with logic, analysis, and persuasion to win over the audience and the judges--a panel of entrepreneurs, changemakers, alumni, and supporters of MCAD.

How Do I Enter?

If you're interested in participating but not sure how to proceed, there are several opportunities to get more information:

  • Review the "How to Enter" section for basic guidelines and how to apply.
  • Watch the video tutorial on how to apply.
  • Attend a Q&A session in the College Center on November 28! See the schedule of important dates.
  • Email with questions and to get some personalized assistance.
  • Plus, you may be interested in a new 1-credit class, Arts Entrepreneurship Essentials, which covers topics like customer insights, revenue model, value proposition, financial projections, and more. Use the class to hone your idea and blow the judges away!

Why Should I Enter?

Money will be awarded that you can use to make your idea a reality!

  • $5,000 to First Place
  • $2,500 to Second Place
  • $1,500 to Third Place
  • $1,000 to Audience favorite among those not awarded above
  • Pitches are only five minutes long!
  • It's selective--just getting into the competition gives you bragging rights.
  • It's a great opportunity to wow your friends and professors and will add an entrepreneurial edge to your portfolio or resume.