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DesignWorks is MCAD’s in-house, student staffed design studio. Together, a small team of part-time student staff, led by full-time design professionals, complete approximately 300 projects each year for departments across MCAD.

DesignWorks can provide you graphic design solutions for your events, programs, and promotional materials.


  1. Submit Intake: In the intake you are asked to provide all pertinent information regarding your project (team info, project description, copy and any media assets, delivery dates, etc.).
  2. Project Kick-off: We will initiate a kick-off with you shortly after your intake is submitted. This provides us the opportunity to gain more information about your project and discuss key delivery dates.
  3. Comprehensive Review (Project Comp.): We will reach out to arrange a comprehensive review of design options. During this phase you will be presented with multiple design options in a semi-complete state. This will allow you to give us detailed feedback and narrow options.
  4. Proofing: During the proofing phase we will invite you to review physical printouts (at full scale whenever possible) of final designs. You will mark-up the printout and/or comment on route forms. We continue to route new proofs until there are no more corrections and route form is signed.
  5. Production: DesignWorks oversees production of all projects unless discussed otherwise. This may include simply preparing and sharing web files or sending projects to print at an offsite facility. DesignWorks will share printer quotes before sending files to offsite facilities.
  6. Delivery: DesignWorks coordinates delivery of all projects. We can also assist with direct mail services.
  7. Wrap Up: If needed, we will arrange a wrap meeting to review to review how process went and discuss any adjustments needed for future projects.

Questions? Email Kayla Campbell or Designworks!

Project Lead Time

Below are example lead times for DesignWorks projects. Our staff of part-time student designers make DesignWorks what it is, and ensure that our designs reflect the spirit of MCAD. Together, these talented emerging designers complete over 300 projects every year, while balancing school and life.

Project Type

Lead time needed for intakes

Large Catalog

5 months

Small Catalog

3.25 months

Campaign/Event Packet

4 months


3 months

Postcard or card

2 months

Title wall

3 months

Identity System

3 months


2 months


1 month


1.5 months

Signage (outside vendors)

2 months

Tote bags or shirts

2.5 months

Creative Director, DesignWorks
Room 222
Marketing Project Coordinator, Designworks
Room 222
Abeln/Little Design Fellow, DesignWorks
Room 222
Designer, DesignWorks
Room 222