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Institutional Advancement

Development Office's Mission
The mission of the Development/Alumni Relations office is to engage external audiences in order to generate funds in support of College operations and special programs as determined by institutional priorities. 

Development Office's Values

    We take pride in:
  • Trust. It is our desire to be trustworthy to one another and donors.
  • Communication. We effectively and consistently communicate with alumni, donors, the public, and within our department, in a timely manner.
  • Responsibility. We are accountable and responsible to our jobs, to our donors and to business ethics.
  • Respect. We respect ourselves, students, colleagues, donors, and alumni.


Development Office's Vision
We are innovative in our development and alumni relations activities, viewed as a leader among our peer organizations. 

Director, Alumni Relations
Room 208D
Events Manager and Special Projects Coordinator
Room 208D
Room 208E