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International Student Advising

The Student Affairs office at MCAD has a dedicated International and Exchange Advisor who provides advice on topics ranging from US immigration regulations to resources available for academic and personal success at MCAD.


The International and Exchange Advisor processes immigration documentation related to students' admission and employment, and assists students in navigating cultural and academic transitions through advising appointments, workshops, and social events. They also act as an intermediary between international and exchange students and other offices at the College, aiding in communication and guidance.


The International and Exchange Advisor provides resources and support in the following areas:

  • Understanding immigration responsibilities for students in F-1 or J-1 status

  • Referrals for support services including academic resources, counseling, and career services. 

  • Entering and exiting the United States

  • Traveling while on student status 

  • Employment, including CPT and OPT

  • Obtaining a Social Security Number or Minnesota State Identification Cards

  • Transferring in and out of MCAD as an international student 

  • Assisting MCAD faculty or staff with questions or concerns related to international students.