All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

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All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

All MCAD COVID-19 updates will be posted below and at

MCAD Housing Wireless Network Information

Each MCAD apartment has wireless access to MCAD's network and the internet.

A wireless access point (similar to a router) is installed in each apartment in order to provide outstanding coverage. These access points can be identified by a white box with an "Aruba" logo on it, and are mounted on a wall about a foot off the ground. These Aruba access points have active ethernet ports for the option of connecting wired devices. These ports are on the very bottom of the device facing the floor. Building 2550 is unique as it has traditional wireless access points in the living rooms along with ethernet jacks for wired devices. It is recommended to keep the space around all access points clear, in order to provide optimal wireless coverage in your dorm.

What MCAD wireless networks are available in the dorms?

MCAD - This network serves as our primary network and allows communication with school servers and services. Traffic on this network is prioritized over all other wireless networks.

MCAD-Residence - This network was created for gaming and smart devices and is only active in MCAD Housing buildings. This network has restricted speeds and access. A request to with the device MAC address, make and model is needed in order to have it authorized for this network. Please consult the device manufacturers website to learn how to retrieve the MAC address. Addresses are generally in this format: 12:3a:43:e3:ff:8b.

MCAD Guest - This network was created for visitors to MCAD and has extremely restricted speeds and performance.

What is needed to use MCAD's wireless network, and how do I connect?

  • 802.11 b, g, n, or ac compatible network card.
  • WPA2 and 802.1x compatible operating system:
    • Windows XP or newer (with Aruba Windows PEAP-GTC Supplicant)
    • Mac OS X, 10.4 or newer
    • Linux

PLEASE do not bring the following items with you when you move in!

  • 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz cordless phones. The signal they use is on the same frequency as our wireless network and will cause problems every time you make or receive a call.
  • Wireless routers or access points. In addition to taking up radio frequencies needed for the MCAD wireless network, they can provide a way for unauthorized users to access the school's network. They will degrade everyone's internet performance!
  • Apple TimeCapsule
  • Mobile Hotspot/MiFi-style devices (re-sharing cellular phone data to WiFi)
  • Do not "Create Network..." from the Airport menu on your laptop

Do not set up and use these items!

Also be aware that microwave ovens can temporarily negatively affect your (and your neighbor's) wireless signal while they are in operation.

How do I connect my game consoles or smart TVs to the network?

Some game consoles provide network connectivity by way of Ethernet (wired) adapter or wireless adapter. If you would like to get your game console on the MCAD network, MCAD Technology recommends you connect to our wired network via ethernet wherever possible. (Typically, the ethernet ports are on the underside of the white access point on your wall.)

Some locations do not have wired networking jacks, in which case the only way to get your device online is via the wireless network. MCAD Technology does not offer its full resources for making your game console work on our network, but does allow you to connect to the MCAD-Residence wireless network. This network is only available for use by secondary devices in the MCAD dorms, and not anywhere else on campus. To request access to this network, please provide your device's MAC address to MCAD Help Desk (

Please consult the device manufacturers website to learn how to retrieve the MAC address, which will generally be in this format: 12:3a:43:e3:ff:8b.

Be aware that some streaming devices and gaming systems may automatically create a local network. It is very important that this network be turned off to prevent interference with MCAD's networks!

Having Wireless Issues?

Initial actions:
  1. Restart your laptop
  2. Attempt to connect to
  3. Attempt to corral another user to see if they are also having the same issue in the same location
  4. If the problem appears on other laptops, please have everyone reporting the problem fill out their own copy of the following form and bring it to the Help Desk (Main 319/321).
Basic info
  • Name: ______________________
  • Date: ______________________
  • Time: ______________________
  • Location (dorm and room #): ______________________
  • What does the Airport icon in your menu-bar look like (number of "bars", is there an exclamation point): ______________________
  • Describe the problem: ____________________________________________________
    • "Airport menu has an exclamation point"
    • "internet is slow"
    • " is inaccessible"
Detailed info

Option + click on the Airport icon in your menu-bar, and using the info that is displayed fill in the following info*:

  • BSSID: ______________________
  • Channel: ______________________
  • RSSI: ______________________
  • Transmit Rate: ______________________
  • Record all wireless networks listed:
    • ______________________
    • ______________________
    • ______________________
    • ______________________
    • ______________________
    • ______________________
    • ______________________

*Pressing Command + Shift + 3 simultaneously will take a screenshot. Using this to capture the detailed "option click" Airport information is very helpful.

For additional information on using the MCAD wireless network, please see the MCAD Knowledgebase, email, or visit the Help Desk in room 321.

For assistance configuring any other type of computer, or If you have any questions about using the MCAD wireless network, send an email to or call (612) 874-3666.