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How to get a replacement ID

Lost or stolen ID cards should be immediately reported to Campus Safety at 612.874.3801 .

If your card was lost, stolen, or it's been damaged and no longer works, you can stop by Campus Safety to get a replacement card.

Lost, stolen or damaged Campus Cards can be replaced for a fee of $15. Replacement ID cards may be purchased in MAXPay accessible from the Student Accounts page of your myMCAD student portal. 

When the transaction is complete, please print out your recceipt and bring it to Campus Safety. A Campus Safety staff person will make you a new ID.

Note: For your protection, once a card is replaced, the original card cannot be reactivated. If you find the original card, please promptly destroy it as it can no longer be used nor can it be turned in for a subsequent replacement.

If your card has been inadvertently damaged or is no longer functioning, please bring the damaged card to the ID Center for a replacement. As long as you return the damaged card, there is no cost for the replacement.  Note, however, that the Campus Safety reserves the right to charge a replacement fee for any cards that appear to be intentionally damaged or defaced.