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MAX Account Access

Student Access

Students and parents can access real-time student account information from their respective, myMCAD dashboards.

Students will login to their myMCAD 'Student Accounts' page and click, 'Launch MAXPay'.

Parents must login to the 'Student Info' page from their myMCAD, parent dashboard. To access MAX, click the student(s) name located below their MCAD photo, and select, 'Launch MAX - View & Pay Tuition'.

See the "Parent Access" Help Topic for instructions on authorizing parent and/or third party access your student account in order to view account balance information and make payments.

Parent/Third Party Access

Students wishing to authorize student account access to parents, guardians, and/or third parties must grant access by completing an online FERPA form.

For more information on FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974) and creating an authorized user account, please visit:

Once an authorized user's account has been activated, parents and third parties can access student account information by logging into the myMCAD parent dashboard, selecting their student(s) name, and clicking 'Launch MAX - View and Pay Tuition'.

Login Errors

If you are unable to access your Student Account Management Information due to username or password difficulty, please try the first two following online resources before contacting support services:

General Payment Information

Payment options may be accessed by clicking, 'Payments & Deposits' from the Main Menu bar, located below the MAX logo. Current balances (if any) may be added to your shopping cart by clicking the "Pay" URL that appears next to your current balance in the "MAX Balance Information" center, located on the Main Page. Once in your checkout cart, you may edit or delete your balance if you choose to make a partial payment or utilize multiple payment methods to pay your balance. Clicking the "More Payment & Deposit Options" URL will also bring you to the payment catalog page.

Third Party Payments

Students expecting or requesting payments from outside sources such as the Department of Veteran Affairs educational benefits, state sponsored 529 college savings programs, employer education benefits, brokerage firms, bill-pay services, charitable organizations (outside scholarships), or other third party entities must contact the Director of Student Accounts prior to the published tuition deadline to verify payment arrangements.

Third party payers typically require some form of student status certification from the college before they will remit payment.

All unpaid balances after the published tuition deadline will incur late payment penalties unless payment arrangements have been made 30 days prior to the tuition deadline.

ACH Payments

eCheck payments are processed using a banking network known as the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network. eCheck payment requests will be electronically transmitted from our bank to yours, instructing your financial institution to transfer the amount you requested. To pay by eCheck, you will need the routing/transit number and account number printed at the bottom of your check or checking deposit slip.

Please keep the following information in mind when paying by eCheck:

  • Only use checks from regular, domestic (United States) checking accounts.
  • Do not attempt to use credit card cash advance checks, brokerage account checks, trust fund disbursement checks, home equity line of credit checks, or any check marked "Do not use for ACH."
  • If you are unsure whether your checks can be used with this service, please call your bank and ask them if your account can be used for ACH. You can also ask your bank the appropriate routing/transit number and account number to use in order to complete the ACH transaction.
  • Make sure you have entered your account number correctly.
  • Be sure your account has sufficient funds to cover your payment or else your eCheck may be returned. eChecks can be deducted from your bank account much faster than regular paper checks, sometimes as quickly as the next day. In rare instances, it can take up to two weeks for an eCheck to be deducted from your bank account.

Failure to follow these instructions may result in your eCheck being returned.

A $30 charge will be assessed on all dishonored ACH/eCheck transactions. Late payment charges may also be assessed and your account will be restricted from using the eCheck payment option to process future transactions.

Credit Card Payments

MCAD gladly accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. Please be advised that convenience charges will be added to each credit card transaction and are the responsibility of the payer. This includes debit card transactions featuring the Visa or Master Card logo.

To avoid paying convenience charges for payments made from a checking or savings account, select "Enter Checking/Savings Account Information" when checking out (eCheck or ACH Payments).

You will need to have your bank account number and routing number available in order to process eCheck/ACH Payments. Make sure to enter the correct numbers in the corresponding fields.

Please note that a $30 processing fee will be assessed for all returned eCheck/ACH payments.


529 Payments

MAXPay (CASHNet) has partnered with a number of 529 Plans to allow participating students and families to remit payment directly from our MAXPay website, during checkout. Simply select, 'Link my 529 Savings Plan' at checkout to see if your plan participates.

Payment History

If you receive an email receipt, your payment was successfully processed. If you did not receive a receipt, please follow these instructions to view your completed transactions before submitting another payment:

  • Click on the Main Page link located in the menu bar at the top of the page.
  • The box labeled "MAXPay & eRefund Transaction History" will show the three most recent transactions on your account (including refunds or payment reversals). If your transaction is listed there, it was successfully completed.
  • You can also click the "View All" link located in the "MAXPay & eRefund Transaction History" box to view all payment and refund transactions made on your account through MAXPay. If your transaction does not appear in the list, you did not successfully complete the transaction. Please be aware that this list only reflects transactions processed online, through MAX.
  • Click the "View" button next to any transaction to detailed transaction information including the item paid for and the form of payment used. You may also print or email receipts for all past transactions.

Payment Error Messages

"Please enter a valid routing/transit number"

This means that the routing/transit number you entered for an eCheck (electronic check or ACH) payment is invalid. You may have entered the number incorrectly or you may be using a check from a financial institution that does not participate in the ACH network. Please verify the routing/transit number with one of your printed checks. If the routing/transit number matches the number you entered, please contact your bank to determine if your account can be used for ACH transactions and verify the correct routing/transit number to use. Credit card cash advance checks, brokerage account checks, and home equity line of credit checks cannot be used for eCheck payments.

"Please enter a valid credit card number"

This means that the credit card number you entered is invalid. Please compare the number you entered with the number on your card. Make sure that you have not entered any spaces or dashes and the card you are attempting to use is one of the cards accepted by MCAD.

Declined Credit Card Payments

Declined credit card transactions are processed by the credit card issuer. If you received notice that your credit card was declined, here are some suggestions:

  • Call the number on the back of the credit card to find out why the card issuer is declining the transaction. A representative may be able to review your account and arrange for the transaction to be approved if you resubmit payment.
  • Try using a different credit card. Click here to view accepted credit cards.
  • If you are using a debit card with a Visa or Master Card logo, your bank may have instituted a daily, point-of-purchase limit on transactions made with your card, as a security measure. In most instances, you can request a temporary limit increase from the card issuer, in order to process your transaction.
  • Try using a different method of payment, such as eCheck.

International Payments

MCAD accepts international payments via Flywire International Payment Services. Flywire provides students and families with safe, convenient and low cost bank-to-bank wire and Visa/Mastercard payment options.

Note: International students are not eligible to enroll in payment plans at this time and Flywire may not be used to process payment plan payments. For security purposes, MCAD no longer provides direct, bank-to-bank wire payment services to students.

Need Immediate Help?
USA & CANADA Toll free+1 800 346 9252
USA Local number+1 617 207 7076
Spain+34 96 065 3947
Australia+61 (2) 800 69 729
United Kingdom+44 (20) 32 394 729
Hong Kong+852 81 703 729
South Korea+82 (70) 78 479 729

Partial or Split Payments

Clicking, 'Pay' next to your account balance or monthly installment balance on the MAXPAY main page, automatically adds the balance to your shopping cart.

Once an item has been placed in your Shopping Cart, you may delete or edit the line item. If an item allows you to change the amount, you may submit one or more partial payments towards the balance of the item. This feature is used primarily when paying with two or more methods of payment.

Enter the desired payment amount and the system will alert you that the item permits partial payments or if a minimum payment is allowed. If the item does not permit you to change the payment amount, it must be paid in full.

CAUTION: All semester tuition and fees are due on or before the published due date. Unpaid balances after the published due date will incur a $250 Late Payment Charge. If payment is not received by the end of the official add/drop period, your enrollment will be cancelled. Accounts canceled due to non-payment may appeal for reinstatement. However, a $250 Reinstatement Fee must be paid in addition to all outstanding charges, if approved.

Note: Tuition and Housing Deposit payments may not be split.

Canceling a Payment

If you wish to cancel a payment made through MAX, immediately contact the MCAD Student Accounts office at 612.874.3654. Some payment transactions may be canceled by a school administrator, depending on the time of day that the payment was processed, the type of payment transaction, and when you contact Student Accounts.

Even if we are able to cancel your payment, credit card companies and financial institutions may "hold" available funds on your account. If this occurs, the credit card issuer will automatically release the hold on those funds within a few days. For more information, call the phone number on the back of your credit card. Credit card convenience fees are non-refundable.

General Account Information

Understanding Your Balance

The amount reflected on your most recent invoice may differ from the 'MAX Balance Information' amount indicated on the Main Page or at Checkout. Most likely, recent payment (credit) or charge (debit) transactions have posted to your MAX account since the last invoice was processed.

On the Main Page, click "View Transactions" to view transactions processed within the last 180 days. If you are expecting financial aid not reflected in your MAXPay Balance Information or on your most recent eBill, check your comprehensive financial aid status, or track the status of your financial aid documents and awards.

Health Insurance is billed to all MCAD undergraduate, MFA, and graphic design certificate students, annually. Students enrolled in the online learning programs are exempt. For plan information, visit the Arthur J Gallagher MCAD Healthcare Information page. Students that have been charged for the MCAD sponsored health insurance may opt out by submitting an online waiver form, each academic year. Visit our health insurance page for waiver instructions.

Students with out-of-state Medicaid or ChiP will likely not be covered for medical claims filed outside of their home state. Please email for special instructions.

The technology fee is a required fee that is charged to all certificate and degree-seeking students, registered for 3 or more credits, each semester. The technology fee is used to help subsidize a small portion of the support costs incurred by the college each year, across all departments and disciplines.

The activity fee is charged to all campus-based students enrolled in the undergraduate and MFA programs. 100% of these costs are used to fund numerous student-life activities, groups, and enrichment programs throughout the year.

Tuition deposits (new students only) are required for all admitted students enrolled in a degree or certificate program. The tuition deposit will be applied to the first semester's tuition balance. Tuition deposits may be refunded, upon request, if enrollment is canceled before May 1 (fall).

Housing commitment deposits act as rental security deposits and are required for all students that have signed a housing contract and wish to live on campus. Housing deposits will not be applied to housing costs, but will be returned to students upon cancellation/termination of student housing arrangements. Housing Deposit refunds will be used to pay for damages, fines and repairs beyond "normal wear and tear."

All refund credits will be applied to any outstanding balance owed to the college. Students are encouraged to enroll in eRefund to ensure fast and safe transfer of all monies owed by the college.

If you feel that your MAXPay information is incorrect or if you have questions, please contact the MCAD Student Accounts Office at 612.874.3654 or by email:

Unpaid Balances

All unpaid and/or past due student account balances will result in temporary financial hold restrictions until the account balance or payment plan obligation has been made current.

Temporary hold restrictions prevent registration as well as prevent the release of all official MCAD records including transcripts, grades, and diplomas or certificates. Please allow 24 hours for hold restrictions to clear after your payment is processed.

To remove temporary financial hold restrictions, email during regular business hours to request expedited hold processing, once your outstanding balance has been paid in full or your payment plan has been brought current.

How to Get a Refund

The financial aid disbursement date for Fall 2018 is scheduled for Sept 5, 2018.

Why wait for a paper check? Get your refund FAST by enrolling in eRefund. Look for the enrollment option at the bottom of the MAXPay main page.

Paper checks will be mailed to students who elect not to participate in eRefund. A $10 administrative processing fee will be deducted from all paper check refunds. Refund checks will be mailed to the address on file with the records office (email to verify or update your address information).

An electronic refund confirmation will be sent to your MCAD email address when your eRefund has been processed. Students will not be notified when paper checks are mailed. Your account balance will reflect a negative balance until a check has been issued. Click, "View Transactions" to determine the date that your refund check disbursement was mailed.

To determine the status of your eRefund, login to your MAX account to locate the 'eRefund' information window on the main page.

Note: The box labeled 'MAXPay & eRefund Transaction History' will show the three most recent MAX account payment and eRefund transactions. Check disbursements will not be reflected in your Payment Transaction History.

You can also click on the "View All" link located in the "Payment Transaction History" box to view all payment and refund transactions made on your account through MAX. If the refund does not appear, contact for further assistance.

Click the "View" button next to each transaction to see the transaction details. This screen also includes a button that will access a printable receipt and a button that allows you to email a copy of the receipt to your email address.

Electronic refunds will typically post to your bank account within 24 to 48 hours depending on your financial institution. If the refund has not posted to your account within 10 days of the business date listed on the transaction, contact your bank to inquire on the status or email You will receive an electronic notification if there was a problem processing your refund request.

Credit Card Refund Credits

Credit card industry regulations require refunds to be issued to the same credit or debit card used for the original payment. If a payment transaction was made by credit or debit card and that account number has changed (for example due to a stolen or expired card that was reissued), the card issuer may automatically transfer the credit to your new account number. If your original payment was made by an account that is now closed, the card issuer will either send you a check for the amount credited.

Please note that credit card 'convenience charges' are non-refundable.

Entering Incorrect Information

If you completed a payment transaction and realized you provided incorrect information, please follow these instructions:

  • If you entered an incorrect credit or debit card expiration date or billing address but you did receive a receipt, the bank or company which issued your card was not concerned about the incorrect information. No further action is necessary.
  • If you accidentally selected an incorrect item or entered the wrong credit card number, debit card number or bank account number, please email immediately, for assistance. In some instances, the Director of Student Accounts may be able to cancel your payment.

Contact Information

For general information regarding your student account, please contact the MCAD Student Accounts office toll-free at 877.744.5219, option 3, then option 1, or, (local) 612.874.3654.

Visit us in the business office located in M21, located on the lower level of the Morrison Building. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Financial Aid

Visit us in M114, located on the first floor of the Morrison Building. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Phone: (Toll-Free) 800.874.6223, option 2, (local) 612.874.3782


MCAD Sponsored Health Insurance

Students who are enrolled in campus based programs (B.F.A/B.Sc., MFA, and Graphic Design Post Baccalaureate certificate) are required to carry health insurance coverage. By default, all undergraduate, MFA, and graphic design certificate students will be automatically enrolled in MCAD's Student Health Insurance Plan, administered by Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk. Students enrolled in online degree or certificate programs are not currently required to carry, nor eligible to purchase MCAD Health Insurance.

Students enrolled in campus based programs will be charged annually, during the fall semester.

The annual premium for 2018-19 is $2,382.20, and will be reflected on fall semester invoices.

Students who have healthcare coverage, valid in the state of Minnesota, that do not wish to purchase the MCAD sponsored plan may waive the insurance purchase by completing the steps below, on or before the August 1st tuition deadline.

Please note, the $2,382.20 charge will continue to appear on the student's account. However, a waiver credit in the amount of (-$2,382.20) will also appear.

YES! I want MCAD's Student Health Insurance Plan:

If you are enrolled in a campus based degree or certificate program and would like to enroll in MCAD's Student Health Insurance Plan, you do not need to do anything. You will be automatically enrolled and charged for the policy as part of your MCAD tuition and fees. Learn more about MCAD's Annual Insurance policy.

NO! I have my own health insurance coverage:

If you already have health insurance coverage and do not wish to enroll in MCAD's Health Insurance Policy, you must complete the online waiver form, following the steps below, on or before August 1st!

WARNING: You will be responsible for purchasing the MCAD health insurance policy if you do not complete the online waiver form by the August 1st waiver deadline!

WARNING: The MCAD Health Insurance must be waived each year, prior to the August 1st tuition deadline, even if you have waived the insurance in prior years.

To waive the Student Health Insurance Plan:

  1. Log on to (new users must create an account)
  2. Select the "Student Waive" option under the "Student Access" menu
  3. Create a new user account, or log in if you are a returning user

Waiver confirmations will be automatically forwarded to the email address you provide. If you do not receive a waiver confirmation number, please contact Gallagher Koster toll free at 888.487.1479 or complete this online form.

Out-Of-State Insurance & Medicaid/Chip

Students receiving out-of-state Medicaid benefits will likely not be covered for claims filed in the state of Minnesota. Out-of-state Medicaid recipients should contact MNSure to determine eligibility for "Special Enrollment" in Minnesota Care due to a qualifying event (relocation). For more information, visit the MNSure website or call the MCAD Director of Student Accounts at 612.874.3809 for assistance.

Payment Plans

MCAD is pleased to offer students MAXPlan, an automated payment plan administered by CASHNet.

MAXPlan may be accessed as an active URL from the Main Page of your MAX Account under "MAXPlan Monthly Installment Agreements." MAX Plan allows MCAD students, parents and other authorized users to self-enroll in a 5-month, semester payment plan that automatically drafts in U.S. dollars from a credit card or domestic checking or savings account.

MAX Plan does not automatically renew each semester. Students, families and/or third party payers must enroll in the plan and pay the enrollment fee for each semester they plan to participate in the MAX Plan.

Students or families who choose to participate in the semester MAXPlan must enroll in the payment plan on or before the published tuition deadline each semester, to avoid the $250 late payment charge.

Students and families who enroll in the payment plan are required to approve the contract with an electronic signature and remit the first month's installment payment, including the enrollment fee at the time of activation.

Students will be notified by email when installment due dates are approaching. Payers can access the account online, review payment plan status and deadlines, make a payment, or schedule automatic payments. Once an installment payment is processed, the student will receive an immediate email receipt that can also be accessed in their personal Payment Transaction History.

Students enrolled in a semester payment plan must complete the installment agreement, or otherwise, pay the outstanding semester balance before they may enroll in a future semester payment plan. Outstanding balances from one semester may not be "rolled into" the next semester's payment plan.

Once a payment plan has been activated, any charges posting to the student's account after the installment contract has been activated must pay those charges separately or add them to their existing semester payment plan. All unpaid balances from one semester must be paid in full before enrolling in a future semester payment plan.


The payment plan enrollment fee is $30 per-semester and will be added to the first month's installment payment, upon activation of the plan. Payments are due on or before the monthly due date. However, there is a 10-day grace period, after which, a $10 late payment charge will be assessed and must be paid, along with any outstanding monthly installment payments. Termination: MCAD reserves the right to cancel a monthly installment agreement at the discretion of the Director of Student Accounts.


MCAD reserves the right to cancel a monthly installment agreement at the discretion of the Director of Student Accounts. Students and families may withdraw from the monthly installment agreement, after which time, any outstanding balance is immediately due, in full.

Payment plans will be terminated due to non-payment after two consecutive monthly installments have been missed. Any outstanding balance remaining on the student's account, as a result of a terminated payment plan, is immediately due, in full.

Students enrolled in a payment plan that is terminated due to non-payment will be ineligible to enroll in future plans for one semester.

Student Enrollment

To enroll, click "Launch MAX - View and Pay Tuition" from the "Student Info" page of your myMCAD dashboard. From the MAX Main Page, click on the corresponding semester's installment payment plan URL, located in the "MAX Plan Monthly Installment" module.

Parent and Third Party Payer Enrollment

Once a student has authorized parent/third party access to MAX, they should follow the same instructions as students in order to enroll in the MAX Plan.

See Parent/Third Party Access under Help topics.

Financial Aid Information

Please check your account balance information carefully. Financial aid awards will appear under the "Credits" column.

If you are expecting financial aid that is not reflected in your account balance information, please review the following help topics for assistance:

More Financial Aid Information

Contact Financial Aid

  • Toll Free: 1.800.874.6223, Ext. 2
  • Direct: 612.874.3782
  • Email:
  • Office Hours: M-F, 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Morrison 114

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