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How do I renew library materials?

      1. To check your borrowing record, Go to the Library's website (


      2. You can renew items through the link  YOUR LIBRARY RECORDS  on the Library's intranet page.


      3. Students, faculty, and staff will be asked to login with your MCAD username and password. Other users will be asked to use the login that was created when tyou received your library card.  


        *For more information about your MCAD login click here: MCAD Login.


    1. You should see your name in the upper right-hand corner and when you click on your name you will be able to choose “My Loans” from a dropdown menu. This will bring you to your account page.


    2. Once you get into your account, you'll see the tab for "LOANS." When you follow this link you will see the titles and due dates of your loans. Now, you can click on "RENEW" for each item or “RENEW ALL.”


    3. If the renewal was successful, “RENEW” will change to “Renewed” and your new due date will immediately appear to the left.


    4. If you have problems renewing we usually recommend you bring the item in to be checked in and then we usually can immediately check it right back out to you. For problems please contact us: or (612) 874-3791. It might be that the item is reserved for someone else or you have a block on your record.


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