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Vinyl and Paper Cutting

Vinyl and Paper Cutting

Turnaround time for both paper and vinyl cutting is a minimum of 2 business days.
Weeding/taping prep for vinyl is an additional business day - complete vinyl cut, weed, and tape is a total of 3 business days.
Make an appointment or talk to us ahead of time if you anticipate needing a bulk order, or need any extra help setting up your files.
Download our order form, and submit via email with your file! 


  • 12" and 24" wide rolls
  • adhesive backed vinyl
  • black in matte or glossy finish
  • white in matte or glossy finish
  • small selection of color vinyl in 12x12" squares available (first come first served, grab bag style)
  • customer supplied vinyl accepted (max 24" width - you must provide at least 10% more vinyl length than necessary to account for any mishaps/tests)
  • 48" max length per file
  • 10' max length per order
  • max cutting width: 12" rolls = 11.5", 24" rolls = 23.5"
  • $0.05/square inch for vinyl cutting service
  • Additional $0.04/square inch for full service weeding
  • Transfer tape is included with all vinyl orders


  • maximum cutting area: 23.5x23.5"
  • customer supplied paper (or you may purchase sheets of paper from us)
  • up to 100lb/300gsm weight
  • we must approve paper choice prior to order, some paper works better than others
  • $0.75/minute for paper cutting service (+cost of paper)
  • cutting errors happen frequently, we recommend providing an extra sheet of paper just in case
  • ask for a quote with your email order - time is calculated by our cutting machine, more intricate designs will take more time than simple designs
Our production capabilities for this service are on the small side. We cannot accept orders greater than 10 feet in total length.
(The company Fastsigns has been recommended by Academic Services as an external vendor).
File Setup Guidelines
  • Illustrator files ( ONLY! 
  • All designs must be closed vector paths with no overlapping paths
  • Strokes and text must be converted to outlines
  • Open the file in Illustrator and go to View > Outline. The cutter will cut all the lines you see in this mode 

Weeding and Taping
  • Your design is cut into one big blank adhesive roll of vinyl. in order to reveal your design, weeding is necessary!
  • To "weed" a vinyl job means to remove the excess vinyl (negative space) from the strip of vinyl, leaving only your words and/or design
  • Tape must then be applied over the weeded vinyl to hold the pieces in place and transfer them from the liner on to the wall/surface
Self Serve Weeding/Taping
  • We can provide squeegees for pressing the tape to the vinyl and removing bubbles
  • Easy, and saves you time and money!
  • Go slowly. Work in small sections and peel the material off a little at a time
  • Use a clean, sharp knife. A dull knife will result in accidental cuts or rough edges
  • The smaller the type or more detailed the pattern, the more difficult it will be (if you're new to weeding, you may want to practice with simpler designs)
Full Service Weeding/Taping
  • Additional $0.04/square inch
  • Taping is included in the cost for full service weeding jobs
  • Maximum of 5 feet total length
  • We will NOT weed type smaller than: 36pt san-serif or 48pt serif 
  • We reserve the right to refuse this service due to space and staffing availability


We will not install vinyl for you, but here's some good advice on how to make it go smoothly:
  • Clean the wall/surface with isopropyl alchohol and allow to dry before applying 
  • Vinyl does not stick well to low VOC paints, particularly dark/colorful paint (white tends to work best)
  • Remove the lining slowly so as not to accidentally peel the vinyl off the application tape
  • Use a credit card or squeegee to make sure the vinyl is stuck to the wall before removing the application tape
  • Start at one side and work your way across

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