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How do I calibrate my laptop to best display on the MCAD projectors and LCDs?

To obtain the best possible color accuracy when connecting to MCAD projectors and LCDs, it is recommended you install and select the appropriate color profile for the room.


  1. Begin by downloading the “" link below. Once downloaded, double-click to expand.
  2. In the OS X Finder on your laptop, Option-click on the Go menu and select “Library”
  3. While in the Library folder, go to ColorSynch > Profiles
  4. If there is already a folder or group of MCAD color profiles in that Profiles folder, go ahead and delete them.
  5. Copy the “FA17_Color_Profiles" folder you just downloaded into the Profiles folder. The latest MCAD profiles have now been added.
  6. Next, open System Preferences > Displays > Color
  7. Choose the appropriate room profile from the list
  8. Your laptop is now synchronized with the color profile of the room’s projector or LCD monitor










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