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Onboarding and Accounts For New or Returning MCAD Employees

The process for onboarding new employees, and creating their MCAD accounts, is sometimes a little confusing.  The goal of this document is to outline the process for each type of employee at MCAD.

Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Online Faculty, and CE Faculty

Faculty Required Accounts:
  • LDAP Single Sign On(SSO) account
    • When faculty SSO accounts are created email accounts will be created too
    • The SSO and email accounts are typically created the business day after their Paylocity account is created
  • Jenzabar
    • Needed for Canvas, MCAD’s Learning Management System
    • It is up to the hiring chair to submit to Records the below items. It may be submitted on the course scheduling spreadsheet, if known at that time, or by email later

      • Legal name
      • Phone
      • Address
      • Personal email
      • Institiounally Recognized name, aka preferred name, (if applicable).
  • Paylocity
    • Human Resources will add the employee to Paylocity up to 20 days before the employee's start date as long as:
      All the appropriate paperwork is filled out
      This includes:
      • Their signed contract
      • Their I-9
  • Single Sign On Account(aka SSO or LDAP) and EMail
    • Once the faculty member is added to Paylocity, their SSO and email accounts will be automatically created the next time account tools are run
    • Typically this happens the next business day
    • It is possible to create these accounts up to 30 days before the start date on their contracts
      • It is NOT possible to create the account prior to this
      • The 30 day restriction is due to MN State Labor Laws
  • Exceptions:
    • The one known exception to this are adjuncts for Online Learning.
      • If instructors for Online Learning are required to participate in training or meetings prior to 30 days from their contract start date, they will be paid for that time within 30 days of said event
    • It is possible to create the email and single sign-on accounts for others prior to the 20 days having their account in Paylocity allows for
      • While it’s possible, it should be the exception, not the rule
Faculty Passwords
  • As of Winter, 2020, faculty may set their password by going to and selecting:
    • "I'm a Faculty member and I want to reset my MCAD password"
  • Their personal email address will need to be entered in Paylocity
  • They may edit it themselves if it was not entered by HR and/or they'd like to change it to a different address
  • They will need to know their EmployeeID
  • The forgot password form is only available to faculty and students
  • It is NOT available to regular staff
Exceptions to Normal Account Creation
  • SSO, and email accounts may be created from 20-30 days prior to the faculty starting
    • It requires an Account Request and the early access form to be filled out
  • 20 Days prior to the start date of the new employee, accounts will get created automatically if all the paperwork is submitted to HR on time
    • If an account falls into this time frame an account request form will no longer be accepted
    • It is up to the employee to fill out and submit all their paperwork to HR
      • If the employee needs prodding, that is up to their chair
  • There needs to be a business case for the exception.
    • It shouldn’t be the norm to create an account early just because it would be a little more convenient
  • Exceptions involve a fair bit of extra work on several parties' parts:
    • The account will NOT automatically get created as it normally does up to 20 days before the person's start date
    • The hiring chair will need to fill out an account request form
    • The employee will need to at least have a signed contract before the account will be created
      • The Sysadmin will need to verify this with HR
    • To create the account this early the employee will also need to sign and return the early access form.
      • The early access form is sent via DocuSign.
    • The Systems Administrator will need to add them as a transient employee
    • The faculty password reset form WILL NOT WORK.  It relies on the employee being onboarded in Paylocity
      • Instead, the employee will need to get in direct contact with the Help Desk to set a password for their account
      • The Sysadmin will need to provide account verification details to the Help Desk as they won't be fully onboarded in Paylocity and that information is not yet available to the Help Desk
    • Once the account is created, it is up to the hiring manager or chair to contact the faculty member and inform them to contact the Help Desk to set a password


Staff should be similar to faculty with two notable exceptions:

  • Most staff do not need a Jenzabar account
    • If a staff member needs access to Canvas, or needs Jenzabar for any other reason, the hiring manager will need to contact Records
    • Records will need the same information for staff members as they do for faculty.
    • Records will also likely need a short reason for the staff member to have a Jenzabar record
  • The “forgot password” form does not work for staff.
  • It is up to the hiring manager to let their staff members know to contact the Help Desk to set a password for their new account


  • Casual laborers only get an e-mail account
  • If they need Single Sign On for any of MCAD's systems, the hiring manager will need to fill out an account request form detailing the access they need


  • By definition a student worker should also be a student at MCAD
  • Students should already have their SSO account, email account, and JenzabarID
  • If students leave MCAD, their accounts may be disabled
  • The timing is detailed at: Graduating or Leaving MCAD

As a rule, student workers should be switched to casual laborers if they continue to work at MCAD


  • Will typically NOT be part of Paylocity, so require an account request
  • We will need the signed contract before creating their accounts


  • These contractors are not paid by MCAD, they are paid by their contracting company
  • These contractors will require an account request for their accounts to be created
  • As long as the agreement with the contracting company is in place, there is no special paperwork that needs to be signed for the contractor in question.  MCAD's agreement is with the contracting company, not with the individual employer.  The contracting company is responsible for paying the contractor, not MCAD

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