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Public Printing for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff printing accounts are associated with a shared department account by default. This means, when you hit print, your department is charged for that print job automatically!  Your department head will receive a monthly report of all public printing charges.

Personal printing can be charged to your personal PaperCut account manually by SB staff once you have put money in your account. See this article for info on how to log into your account and add value.

     • The easiest way to get personal print jobs made is to email your order to the SB!

     •Optionally: if you already have or are planning to frequently make your own prints on any of the public printers or in the DPL (for example you're printing a photo project in the DPL) you can email the SB with the details of the prints (date/time/filename) and we can re-allocate those charges to your personal PaperCut account.

If you need to print something that should be charged to a department other than your regular one (i.e., Faculty Senate), you will need to email those files to the Service Bureau ( for output so we can manually bill the appropriate department.

All full service print jobs should be submitted with an appropriate order form. 

Please set up an appointment with us (via email) if you would like more information about printing!

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