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Systems & Software for Personal Computers

This article contains a list of resources for members of the MCAD community who are using their personal computers on campus or to complete work for MCAD.

This includes students who waived the laptop requirement, graduate students, faculty not issued laptops by the school, and other guests who qualify for software access.

**These instructions are meant for users who have Apple computers. If you have a Windows computer, please see this article.**

Adobe Creative Cloud

Degree-seeking students, faculty, and full time staff have a free Adobe CC license connected to their MCAD account by default. Other community members may be issued a license by exception.

If you need to install and license the Adobe CC programs from scratch on a personal computer, please follow these instructions. These apps are available for both Mac and Windows users.

If you already have these apps installed on a personal computer and simply want to switch to licensing them using your MCAD account, simply log out of your current Adobe ID in the Adobe CC desktop app (accessible via the Adobe CC icon in your top menu bar), then sign back in first with your full MCAD email address and then with just your MCAD username and password.


Please use these instructions to install the printers on a personal computer.


All Apple computers can easily connect to the MCAD wifi. For instructions, please see this article. You can also connect your iPhone or Android phone to the wireless.

Server Access

The MCAD servers should be equally accessible from any Apple computer. Please go here for instructions on connecting to servers at MCAD as well as a list of server addresses.

Other Software

To install and license Autodesk programs, such as Maya, please see this article for instructions on getting this directly from Autodesk. To install and license FormZ, please see this article.

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