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Graduating or Leaving MCAD

Graduating Students

Students who have graduated from MCAD lose access to most MCAD provided services 21 days from the date of graduation. These services include but aren't limited to:

  • Papercut (for the Service Bureau)
  • WebCheckout (for the Media Center)
  • Campus wireless network
  • Network drives (servers)
  • Lab computers
  • Canvas
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Software licenses: the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Microsoft Office suite, Form Z SE, and any other applications that have been activated using an address or were preinstalled with the MCAD managed software build will be set to expire, and the applications will no longer be usable or legal to use.
  • Most other non-email services.


Graduates continue to have access to their MCAD Google account ("") for one year after their date of graduation. The accounts of May graduates are deactivated in May of the following year, and the accounts of December graduates are deactivated the following December. The MCAD Google account includes Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, and all other Google services associated with an address. PLEASE SEE SECTION BELOW ON HOW TO MIGRATE YOUR GOOGLE DATA.

Adobe Creative Cloud:

If you have any content saved in Adobe Creative Cloud itself (not files saved on your computer, but those directly attached to your Adobe ID), Adobe recommends manually moving files from your MCAD Adobe account to a personally owned and managed Adobe ID. Please note that not all content saved to institutionally managed Adobe IDs can be transferred to personal accounts. For more information on migration limitations and instructions, please see this Adobe help article:

Continuing Education Students

The accounts of Continuing Education students are deactivated at the end of the term when they are last enrolled in classes.

Withdrawal or Expulsion

When a student withdraws or is expelled from school, their account and all associated services (including email) are immediately deactivated.

Leave of Absence

A student who is taking a break from MCAD but is planning to return can check with Student Affairs about the option of keeping their account active during their leave. Otherwise, their account will be deactivated upon their departure.

How to Save or Transfer Your Data

If you are graduating or otherwise leaving MCAD, you probably have data (such as emails and Google Docs) associated with your MCAD Google account that you'll want to save or transfer before your account is deactivated.

Other Important Preparation

  • In the year after your graduation but before your email account is deactivated, it may be a good idea to set up a vacation responder that automatically sends a reply to anyone who emails your MCAD address. You can customize the message to inform them that this is no longer your primary email address and direct them to contact you at your personal email address.
  • You can also have messages received by your address forwarded to another email address, but only while your email account is still active. Deactivated accounts cannot continue to forward emails to another account, as they will no longer be able to receive emails at all. You'll need to make sure that you've given any important contacts your new email address.
  • If you've signed up for other accounts or services (such as social media, online stores, banking portals, etc.) with your email address, you will want to associate these services with a different email address before your account is deactivated.
  • If you are the owner (creator) of shared Google Docs that others at MCAD will continue to need to access, make sure you transfer ownership of these files before your account is deactivated.
  • After you've graduated, it's a good idea to stop by the Help Desk to have the MCAD software build removed from your computer and replaced with a clean operating system. This will help you save storage space and avoid software licensing issuesthe remnants of (now inactive) MCAD software activations can interfere with your ability to license and use these programs on your own. The Help Desk welcomes walk-ins for graduates who would like to get off the MCAD build. Please make a full backup of your data beforehand.

Information for Faculty and Staff

Full time Faculty and Staff

All full time faculty and staff members lose access to their MCAD Login, MCAD Gmail, and all associated services on the date of their departure.

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Faculty retain access to their MCAD Google Account( Gmail, Drive, etc.), and Canvas, for one year after their contract expires. Adjunct faculty lose access to most other MCAD systems associated with their MCAD logins 21 days after their contract expires.

These systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud and other licensed software
  • Papercut (for the Service Bureau)
  • WebCheckout (for the Media Center)
  • Campus wireless network
  • Network drives (servers)
  • Lab computers
  • LinkedIn Learning

In order to maintain access to the MCAD login over the summer term, adjunct faculty must sign their fall contract before June 1st.

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