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How do I Screencast in Canvas Studio on MacOS Catalina?

Some versions of the Mac operating system may require you to adjust your settings the first time you try to screencast in Canvas Studio. To find out what your operating system is check About This Mac in the Apple menu.

The Mac OS Catalina adds additional security permissions for applications that want to access your camera, microphone, or screen. All you need to do is to grant permission.

How to Screen Capture on MacOS Catalina with Canvas Studio 

  1. Launch Canvas Studio and choose Screen Capture, open the screen recorder launcher, and download it.
  2. Next, in System Preferences (in the Apple menu) find Security and Privacy.
  3. In the Privacy tab, check that the Camera option has Google Chrome checked. If you need to make a change, unlock the lock icon - you may need to enter your computer password.
  4. Continue down the list and check both the Michrophone and Screen Recording options; you'll want to check Screen Recorder and Google Chrome
  5. Once you are done with your changes, quit and restart Chrome. It is important to quit Chrome for your changes to take effect.  

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