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How Do I Subscribe to a Canvas Discussion?

When you create a new Discussion in your course you are subscribed to it automatically. Being subscribed to a Discussion forum means being notified every time there is a new post added to the forum. In other words, it allows you to easily track new posts from your students. However, you are not automatically subscribed to imported Discussions or Discussions created by your TA, so you may need to manually subscribe yourself.

How to subscribe to a discussion from the Discussions area of the course

  1. Open the Discussions link on your course navigation menu.

  2. Subscribe by selecting the Subscribe icon - the icon will turn green when you are subscribed.
    screenshot of discussion subscribe icon

How to subscribe from within a Discussion

  1. Select the discussion you want to subscribe to.
    screenshot of selecting a discussion

  2. Click the Subscribe button
    screenshot of subscribe button

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