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Wireless at MCAD

DISCLAIMER: This article needs work to reflect our new MCAD wireless configuration. Please search for specific help articles to connect to MacOS, iOS, Windows or Android devices to our network.

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Wireless Access at MCAD - Supported Devices and Operating Systems

The MCAD Help Desk provides support for wireless connectivity for Apple computers running recent versions of MacOS, as well as a wide range of mobile devices. Non-Apple computers and devices may be able to work on MCAD's wireless network but may not be officially supported. Devices must be able to do 802.1x enterprise authentication and wireless "b", _g_ or "n" connections in order to work on our wireless networks.

How do I connect my laptop/mobile device to the Secured MCAD Wireless Network?

For secured wireless connection instructions, please click the link below that matches your computer or device.

If your device or OS is not listed, the Help Desk cannot readily assist with connecting your device to our network. Due to the wireless security standards MCAD and other colleges must use, some internet-ready devices have extremely limited support.

If you are having difficulty connecting your supported device to MCAD wireless, please stop by the Help Desk (Main Building 319) during our business hours, Monday-Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m and Friday 8:30am-5:00pm for assistance.







Who should use this Wireless Network?

Users with an MCAD ID

Visitors to MCAD

MCAD students in their dorm rooms.

Students or residents enrolled in continuing education classes during the summer

What do you need in order to access this Wireless Network?

MCAD username and password, Supported Devices: see list below.

Supported Devices: see list below.

MCAD username and password, MAC address from supported Devices: see list below.

MCAD student ID, PSK-authentication code from Help Desk

What level of access does this Wireless Network provide?

Full internet access - including Internal MCAD Resources. Unrestricted bandwidth.

General web access - no access to Internal MCAD Resources. Limited bandwidth per device, limited ports

Limited web access per device. Limited ports.

Limited web access per device. Limited ports.

What type of security does this Wireless Network provide?

802.1x / WPA2 Enterprise




Is technical support available?





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