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VoiceThread Troubleshooting

I don’t know how to sign in to VoiceThread.

  • First, create a Voicethread account and login here:
  • (Clicking the "Sign In" Button on the Voicethread below might not work for you, so be sure to login at their website with the URL above). That will activate VT for you to use.
  • Once you’re logged in, you should be able to click on the central "Comment" button of the embedded VoiceThread and get options for different methods of comment entry. 

I’m signed in, but I can’t get into the VoiceThread embedded in my online course.

  • After signing in to VoiceThread, you may need to reload the page in Canvas so that it sees that you're signed in.
  • Double-check that your browser allows 3rd party cookies. VoiceThread needs cookies enabled to work: (Firefox | Chrome) 

If you're still having trouble, contact Teaching and Learning Excellence at  

Please include:

  1. A screenshot (How to Screenshot: Mac | Windows)
  2. A description of the problem you’re having
  3. What browser and OS you’re using (How to Find Browser Version: Firefox | Chrome | Internet Explorer).

If you have any questions contact Teaching and Learning Excellence at

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