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Staff Computer Hardware Policy

Please visit this page for a full overview of the MCAD Technology Department's computer hardware access policy for staff. (Faculty hardware policy is determined separately.)

A few key points:

Full-time and part-time benefits eligible staff at MCAD will receive a single computer at no cost to their department in order to accomplish their work responsibilities. We can't guarantee dedicated computer access for casual labor or work-study positions, and all requests for this purpose are subject to the availability of computers and possible time period restrictions (such as, “until the end of the semester,” etc).

MCAD Technology will provide a single external display (monitor) for desktop computers without a built-in monitor (mainly Windows computers). Monitors for laptop computers must be purchased by individual departments from within a set of options that have been tested to work well with the computers we support. For help purchasing a supported monitor/display, please contact

Basic accessories such as keyboards and mice will be provided for users that require them, and MCAD Technology will also provide the cables and adapters necessary to connect workstations to the displays assigned to them and to our network as needed.

MCAD Technology provides computer upgrades and replacements on a 3-5 year schedule based on the age of the equipment, but not necessarily on when the equipment was assigned to a specific user or department. If you feel that your work responsibilities have changed and this requires a different computer than was previously assigned to you, your supervisor can submit a request for an upgrade and an MCAD Technology representative will follow up with a recommended solution.


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