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Cleaning Your Computer Screen

When cleaning your computer screen, use only water or a dedicated screen cleaning solution that contains no alcohol or ammonia. Most cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that will strip the anti-glare coating off the screen and leave it with permanent damage.

Some office supply stores sell cleaning kits specifically designed for this purpose. However, a little bit of water and a clean microfiber cloth usually do the trick.

To clean your screen,

  • Turn off the computer and/or display.
  • Do not spray liquid directly on the screen. Dampen a clean, soft, lint-free cloth or tissue with water only, or an appropriate mild glass cleaner.
  • Wipe the screen gently until clean.
  • If needed, wipe with a dry soft cloth to remove streaks.

If you have questions about physically cleaning your computer, please contact the MCAD Help Desk at or by phone at 612-874-3666.


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