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Lab Computers

Logging in 

Lab computers, unlike your personal MacBook Pro, require that you log in to them to identify yourself. In the username box, type your MCAD Login username and password. This password would be the same thing that you use to log in to your MCAD Gmail account.

Using Adobe CC on a lab computer

In order to use the Adobe Creative Cloud apps on lab computers, you must log into them. Click one of the apps from the dock or inside the applications folder. In the window that opens, enter your full MCAD email ( and click continue. If asked, select Company/School ID. On the next window, please enter just your MCAD username (with the part) and password.

Storage on lab computers

The biggest difference between working on a lab computer and your personal MacBook Pro is how files are managed.

On our lab computers, you will notice a Temp_Storage drive on the desktop. Since these machines do not let you save anything to the user folders; the Temp_strorage is your main option if you don't have a thumb drive or external hard drive to save your work to. This is a local, computer specific, storage space that can only be accessed from the machine it was created on. However, this space is not meant to permanently hold your files and after each semester will be wiped clean of all stored documents. In addition to this all home folders (such as 'Desktop' 'Documents' etc) are locked out to prevent you from saving data there. We have done this to protect you from saving data and losing it upon logout.  When you log in to a lab machine, the computer is providing you with a temporary local home folder which WILL BE REMOVED UPON LOGOUT.

Anything saved to the Temp_Storage IS NOT SECURE. Everyone has access to those files on that specific computer and can change or delete them at their own discretion. When working in labs, always copy files from personal network directory and other servers to Temp_Storage first. Edit them from this location and copy them back when done.

Working with fonts

Since the lab computers reset when you log out to prepare for the next person to use that workstation, fonts installed during your session (the time from when you log in to when you log off) are deleted when you log off. Fonts you are using for a project will need to be added to Font Book every time you log in to a lab computer and need to access those fonts in an application.

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