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Recording a Meeting with Google Meet

In addition to video conferencing, Google meet allows you to record meetings. This article will talk about participant’s consent, how to record a video meeting, and where to locate the recording.

What things should I be aware of before recording a meeting?

It is important that participants are aware of the meeting is being recorded. It is also important that they are comfortable with it. 

  • Let your students know that you will record your meeting ahead of time. 
  • Add a note to your emails or announcements about recording meetings. 
  • If it is something that you plan on doing on a regular basis, it might be a good idea to add information about recording a Google Meet on your syllabus. 

You should have participants’ consent before you can proceed with the recording. To help you remember, when you are about to record, Google Meet will send you a prompt to Ask for Consent. You will need to accept it in order to proceed with the recording.

How do I record a meeting with Google Meet?

To record a meeting with Google Meet watch Recording a Meeting: Google Meet for MCAD Faculty and Friends

More resources:

Where does my recording go?

After you stop recording, it may take about ten minutes for the video to be available. Your recording will be in the meeting organizer's My Drive in a folder called Meeting Recordings. If you are the person who organized the meeting it will be in your My Drive. Both the organizer and the person who started the recording will receive an email with a link to the video. 

Who can record a Google Meet?

Any participant in a Google Meet session is able to enable recording of a Google Meet. 

  • Faculty will be able to know that the recording is in session; a red REC icon is visible during a recording.
  • The video will live in the meeting organizer’s My Drive. 
  • Students are instructed to follow the Recording in Class Policy found in their MCAD Student Handbook:

Video and audio recording in class is not allowed unless required by the Americans with Disabilities Act or by the consent of the faculty member. Violation of this policy can result in disciplinary action. 

Where do I go if I need help?

If you need help to record a meeting with Google Meet:


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