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I get an error when I try to print something from the Internet to the SB-BW printers.

Occasionally when you print something from the internet (like driving directions or an image) to the SB-BW printers, the printer will display an error.  This is a Postscript error, meaning the printer doesn't understand the information it has been sent.

Sometimes this manifests with a printed error code, or pages of printed gibberish. 


  • Downloading the file (to the Temp Storage drive or your Laptop)
  • Opening the file with a different program (.jpg with Photoshop instead of Preview, PDF with Acrobat, etc.)
  • Saving your document with a different name, or as a copy and printing the new version 
  • Sending your file to a different printer, the 3rd floor or 4th floor copiers have larger internal memory and can process large files more easily
  • Email your file to the SB for a full service print! 

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