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Student Laptop Insurance & Care

Students participating in the MCAD Student Laptop Initiative receive a new MacBook Pro during orientation before their first semester at MCAD.

You purchased this laptop from MCAD and it belongs to you just as if you bought it from the Apple Store. MCAD provides software and support for the laptop, but we do not own it. MCAD does not sell additional laptops to students beyond the one they receive at the beginning of their first semester; if something happens to your computer, you'll have to purchase a new one independently. Here are some steps you can take to protect and care for your investment.

We recommend that you learn about your MacBook's default AppleCare warranty and consider purchasing the extended warranty in order to protect your computer. For details about this, please visit our article about AppleCare and AppleCare+.

We also recommend that you add your laptop to you or your parents' homeowners or renter's insurance if you have it. This will allow you to be reimbursed in case your laptop is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair. Your insurance company may need information like your laptop's specs, serial number, and value. The serial number and specs can be found by going to the Apple menu in the upper left corner and selecting "About This Mac." The value should be listed as a charge on your first semester's tuition bill, and you can also contact us or the Business Office for more info. MCAD does not provide any insurance for the laptop.

It's also important that you physically care for your computer. Please consider buying a laptop sleeve made out of neoprene foam or some other soft material to protect your computer in transit. Clean the keyboard and screen with a smooth cloth and small amounts of water only. Most other cleaning products will strip off the screen's anti-glare coating, permanently damaging it.

Do not leave your laptop unattended. Regardless of where in the school you are or how long you are planning on leaving, there is no safe place to leave your MacBook and expect it to be there when you return. Thefts happen.

It is your responsibility to back up your data regularly. We recommend purchasing an external hard drive for this. This article gives an overview of how to set up an external hard drive for backups or back up your files in other ways. We're happy to help you manage your data - just email us at

Your computer comes with the MCAD Software Build, which includes some customized settings and licensed programs installed on the latest version of MacOS. This article lists the software that MCAD licenses.

If your student laptop has hardware damage, you'll need to work directly with the Apple Store to have the computer repaired. It's a good idea to contact the MCAD Help Desk first - we may be able to help you save your data, diagnose the specific issue, understand your warranty, and plan what to say to Apple's tech support. You can start a repair with Apple here or call them at 1-800-275-2273.


If you have questions with purchasing student laptop insurance or care, please contact the MCAD Help Desk by emailing at or by phone at 612-874-3666.

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