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What Should I Do If My Students Cannot Access a Quiz?

There may be multiple reasons why a student cannot access a published quiz; you might have an Available Until date set, or they might have already used up their allowed attempts.

How to allow students to take the quiz

Here are some things you can check, and some solutions you can try.

Setting a Due date instead of an Until date

Students won't be able to make new quiz attempts later than the Until date—if you don't mean to restrict all access, you can use a due date instead!

  • Edit the quiz, and add a due date to the quiz
  • Leave both the Available from and Until dates blank. 
  • Students are able to take the quiz after the due date if the Available from and Until dates are not set - the submission will be marked as late.
    image of assign area

Granting an extra attempt

If a student has already used up their allowed attempts to take the quiz and you want to allow them an additional try, you'll need to add an extra attempt.

  • In your quiz, select Show Student Quiz Results
    options menu

  • Find the student and select “allow this student an extra attempt”
    edit quiz area

Moderating a Quiz

If a student or students require accomodations or special access to a quiz, you'll need to make changes in the Moderation settings.

  • In your quiz, select Moderate This Quiz
    show moderate this quiz option

  • Find the student you want to grant accomodations to and click on the edit icon
    shows how to find student and edit

  • Grant any extensions. If the quiz is locked by an Available Until date, you'll need to Manually unlock the quiz for the next attempt.
    extra attempt box

  • If you have more than one student, after you are done selecting them, click on the Change Extensions for [#] Selected Students button.
    show where to click
  • Complete the extension box and save your changes.

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