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How Do I Set My Personal Pronouns in Canvas?

Users have the option to select their personal pronouns in their account. Personal pronouns display after a user's name in various areas of Canvas including:

  • User Setting Page
  • User Profile Page
  • User Navigation Menu
  • People Page (Course and Groups)
  • Inbox
  • Comment Fields
  • Discussions

Setting Your Personal Pronouns

Step One: Open Your Settings in Account

view of account menu

On your sidebar menu select Account, and then Settings.

Step Two: Edit Settings

edit settings

Select the Edit Settings button.

Step Three: Select Your Personal Pronouns

choose pronouns from menu

Choose your pronouns from the drop-down menu and select the Update Settings button when you are done.

A Couple of Examples 

The following is an example of a People section:

list of names

And below is an example of a discussion:

detail of discussion

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