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How do I make Didactics (Labels) for my exhibition?

1. Download the handy template

2. Type your information on each label using Akkurat 11pt and print. 

3. Print labels to any B&W printer (regular paper works fine, or use the ImagePress if you want fancy paper, color, etc)


5. Purchase “perfect mount” from Art Cellar - Note, that is a brand name, you can use the generic brand, illustration board with duo-tac, or double sided tape to achieve the same effect. Ask for it in the Art Cellar!

6. Peel off back of mounting board exposing sticky side (or apply your adhesive), and affix sheet of labels, using pressure to adhere

7. Line up crop marks with mat cutter or board chopper. Optional: bevel cut being sure to edge in/under

*Exhibition & Studio Services can help you use mat cutters located in room 118, or demo this process for you if necessary*



Didactic texts are interpretive/educational texts related to an exhibition, usually written by exhibition curators, that are displayed on panels on exhibition gallery walls or as part of art object labels.

Labels (object labels) are identifying text for an artwork placed in a museum gallery room containing an exhibition. Label information may include the name of the artist who created the artwork, the title and dimensions of the object, its media, date of creation, owner, accession number and in some cases a block of didactic (interpretive) text related to the artwork. Labels with didactic text are often named "extended labels" or "extended object labels." 

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