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Servers at MCAD


This article contains information about how to connect to servers at MCAD, such as the Class Server. These instructions are particularly important if you received a laptop from MCAD in 2021 or later.

MCAD servers can be accessed easily from any Mac - nothing needs to be installed. Please follow these steps:

1. Open Finder (blue face icon on the left end of your dock). Open the Go menu from the top menu bar and select "Connect to Server." (You can also press Command + K.)

2. In the window that opens, some of you may have a list of saved server addresses already. If you don't see anything listed, you will need to type the server's address and click the + button to save it for later.

  • First you need to enter "afp". After you've typed this, pause a moment, and the computer should autofill "://" for you. Next, you'll enter the rest of the address.

  • The address of the class server is "afp://" - type this and then press the + button in the lower left. This saves the address so that from now on you can click it rather than typing it.

  • Other servers have other addresses. For the Service Bureau Dropbox, type the address "afp://". For the Studio server, type "afp://". For the Animation server, type "afp://". For the Temp Storage server, type "afp://". Press the + button to save any of these. 

3. Once you've entered the server address, click Connect. Delete your full name and enter your MCAD Login username and password, then click Connect again.

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And reach out to if you run into any trouble!


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