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Binding Options in the MCAD SB

There are several types of book-binding the MCAD Service Bureau can help you with.

Make an appointment with us to discuss your project!

Note that ALL binding and trimming services have a 2 business day turnaround time. We do not accept rush orders for books.  If you need more than 5 bound books or more than 10 booklets please plan on a minimum turnaround of 5 business days.

Appointments or advance order form submissions are required for all book orders!

Booklets - This is often called saddle-stitch, magazine binding, or staple binding. You can print booklets on any of our public laser printers or have SB staff print them for you. See THIS ARTICLE for instructions on file setup and submission. We have an off-line booklet making machine we can show you how to use yourself, or you can have SB staff do the binding for a small fee. Max page count - 24 sheets of 20lb bond (fewer sheets for heavier paper).

Perfect Bound Books - Also called a paperback book. Check out THIS ARTICLE for file preparation and submission instructions. This is a great option for books 20 sheets or more. Max dimensions: 17x17", 2" spine. 

Wire Binding - This is just like a wire bound school notebook. With the right content and choice of wire color this can produce an elegant effect. We stock wires in Black, White, and Silver, in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 9/16" in width. Max page count - about 150 sheets of 20lb bond (fewer sheets for heavier paper). 

Check out our book/booklet template and our book cover template for reference.

We have a book binding/finishing order form available to make submitting that order easy as pie!

Please check in with our staff in advance for any binding projects. Often they go smoothly but we can anticipate any issues or answer questions and solve problems ahead of time. 
We recommend scheduling an appointment with us to go over details prior to turning in your files/order form.

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