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How to Start Printing


Full Service:

1.     Create your document
a.     Print resolution is 300dpi at output dimensions
b.     We carry standard US paper sizes (8.5x11, 11x17, 12x18 etc.)
c.     We print as-is, please include borders/bleeds in file
2.     Name your file, using appropriate file naming conventions
3.     Save your document as one of these file types: 
a.     PDF
b.     TIFF (flatten/merge layers and save as a copy)
c.     Packaged InDesign/Illustrator folder 
4.     Download the appropriate order form, fill out in Adobe Acrobat 
5.     Upload or attach file(s) 
a.     Attach smaller files directly to your email
b.     Google Drive 
c.     Drop file into the server
6.     Email completed order form & file/information to 
7.     We will charge your PaperCut account when complete
8.     Pick up your project from the shelf outside of the Service Bureau

Self Serve:

1.     Download the MCAD Printer Drivers 
a.     These are all laser printers
b.     Black&White and Color options
c.     Plain copy paper only 
d.     8.5x11 or 11x17
2.     Create your document 
3.     Save your document (PDF or TIFF are best for printing)
4.     File > Print 
a.     Choose a printer from drop-down menu 
b.     Page Setup to choose Paper Size
c.     Printer to choose other options (double-sided printing, etc)
d.     Optional: scale to fit, add crop marks, quantity, etc
5.     Hit Print!
6.     File will process and arrive in your PaperCut Hold Queue
8.     Log into PaperCut from your laptop (use THIS LINK from your tablet or phone), go to Jobs Pending Release, hit Print (or cancel)
9.     File will print, your PaperCut account is automatically charged

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