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MCAD Call Forwarding Process

If you would like to have your MCAD phone extension forwarded to your home phone or cell phone, please send in a request to and include your MCAD extension and the phone number you would like to have it forwarded to.

Notes on call forwarding:

  • By default, forwarded calls will ring both your MCAD phone and the forwarded line specified at the same time. If you do not answer the forwarded line, the caller will get your MCAD voicemail.
  • By yourself, you can only configure your physical Digium MCAD phone to forward calls to other internal MCAD extensions. Forwarding to external numbers must be done by an administrator through a request ticket.
  • We can forward calls to a total of two external phone lines at the same time.
  • Caller ID information is not always forwarded. Some calls may show up as being from “Minneapolis College of Art and Design” with the number 612-874-3666, despite the call originating elsewhere.
  • If at any time you want to stop the call forwarding, you will need to email a request to

Please contact the Help Desk with any other questions or concerns.

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