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Account Name Change

If you are a student, faculty, or staff member at MCAD and would like to change the name associated with your MCAD accounts, this can be done without sacrificing any account access or stored information. The process is slightly different depending on if you want your Institutionally Recognized First Name changed or if you've had a legal name change. These two processes are described below.

NOTE: At this time, our systems are unable to support Institutionally Recognized Last Names. Your last name can only be changed if it is part of a legal name change.  As such, the last name that appears on all of your accounts and records must be your legal last name. We apologize for any inconvience.

If you are submitting an Institutionally Recognized Name Change, follow these steps:

For Students:

  • Fill out an Update Institutionally Recognized Name Change form and submit this to the Records department. This form can be found on the Records Office tab of
  • Once form is submitted a .pdf copy of it will be sent to your current MCAD Gmail address.
  • Records and IT Services will process the request, and changes should be reflected in a few days.
      • Note: If you request that all of your MCAD Service accounts be updated to reflect this change, IT may need to coordinate aspects of this update to ensure miniminal disruption to your access occurs while your account information is changed.

For Staff/Faculty

  • Submit an Account Request Form. Enter your new first name into the "Institutionally Recognized Name or Preferred Name" field and check the box that says "This account request includes a name change."
  • After the form is submitted, someone will reach out to let you know when your name will be updated across all MCAD systems.
  • Log in to Paylocity to update your name in our Payroll system. Click the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner and, in the sidebar, select "Self Service Portal." In the menu across the top, select "Employees" and go to "Employee payroll file." Update your name in BOTH the "Preferred First Name" field AND the "Nickname" field, then scroll to the bottom of the page to click Save.

Depending on whether you're a student or staff/faculty member, and the updates you've requested, Institutionally recognized name changes can be reflected in a limited or extended number of services including but not limited to the following MCAD systems: email display names, class lists, MCAD usernames, print accounts, library access, server access, Canvas access, wi-fi connectivity, and MCAD ID cards.

We are unable to reflect Institutionally Recognized Names in documents that require legal names such as transcripts, paychecks, and financial aid information (scholarships, tuition payments, etc). We apologize for this inconvenience.

If you have legally changed your name and need it updated, follow these steps:

For Students:

  • Contact the Records Office at You will need an original government-issued document such as a passport, driver's license, state ID, court order, birth certificate, or marriage license as evidence of your legal name change. You may also present these documents if you have legally changed your gender.  Records Office staff will create a copy of the document for your permanent file and update your record with the information that has been legally changed.
  • After you have completed this step, send an email request for an account update to Include your previous first and last legal name and your new legal first and last name.

For Staff/Faculty

  • HR is required to have proof of your legal name change: marriage license, court document, etc. Please e-mail to coordinate your legal name change.
  • After updating your name with HR, please fill out an Account Update Request so we may update your account name and e-mail address. Please check the "Yes" box below "This form includes a name change."
  • The Technology department will receive this form, reach out to confirm, and then update all your accounts to match your correct name.

For legal name change adjustments, all MCAD systems will be updated: this includes but is not limited to, email addressed, print accounts, server access, Canvas access, library access, wi-fi connectivity, myMCAD accounts, transcripts, financial aid, MCAD ID cards, MCAD diplomas, and paychecks. For transcripts and Bill Pay-based systems there may be a delay in propogating this change due to interactions with outside systems. We apologize for any delays you may experience.

After your name update has been processed by Records/HR and the IT Services department, we strongly recommend contacting the MCAD Help Desk about getting MCAD provided or seviced computers updated to reflect your new information. Additionally, you will likely need to log back in to or reset a variety of systems if your MCAD Username was updated as part of your name change. For more details on the possible technological impacts, please speak to the MCAD Help Desk.

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