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Accessing MCAD Drop Boxes


MCAD has a number of network shared drives that may be accessed from one's Mac.  Most of these are accessible by typing afp://SERVERNAME and act like a regular foldes.  MCAD also has what we call Drop Boxes.  The Drop Boxes only allow one to upload files.  One cannot open the folder to see or change its contents.

Common Drop Boxes include:

  • Any of the major folders on the Merit Server
  • Any of the folders under the Junior Review Server
  • The Drop_Box folders on the Class server

To upload files to an MCAD Drop Box:

  • From the Finder, pull down Go > Connect to Server. The Connect to Server window appears.
  • In the Server Address field, enter:
    • afp:// for access to the Merit Server.
    • afp:// for access to the Junior Review Server.
  • Click Connect in the lower right corner of the window.
  • Finder will usually present you with your full name, if so delete your full name, and then sign in with your short MCAD Login (e.g. rmoranis).
  • Upon connecting, Finder will sometimes present a list of volumes such as Merit or Junior Review, choose the appropriate volume that you wish to connect to.
  • Once mounted, if the folder you're trying to access is a Drop Box, you'll get an Access Denied error if you try to open the folder. Instead of opening it, simply drag and drop your files into the folder.
  • Once you submit your file(s) you will not be able to modify or view them. Please make sure you double check your submission before you drop it!
    • If you absolutely have to change something you uploaded to a drop box, you will have to rename the file and upload it again.
    • It may make sense to simply add a number to the file name. For instance, if the original file was FILENAME.EXT, ename it to FILENAME_01.EXT


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