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Wireless for MacOS

Connecting Your Apple computer to the MCAD Wireless Network


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May 2018 Update: As of June 1st, 2018, the MCAD campus has switched to an upgraded wireless network. In order to connect to wireless after this time, you will need to remove the old wireless profile in system settings and then connect to the new network.


How to delete the old profile on MacOS:


If you were previously connected to the old MCAD wireless, you MUST do this step in order to be able to reconnect. If this is your first time connecting to MCAD wireless, skip this section and scroll down to “How to connect to the MCAD wireless on MacOS.”


  • Open System Preferences and select “Profiles.”



  • Select “MCAD_Secure” on the left and click the minus button below.



  • Click “Remove.” Enter your computer’s admin password (not your MCAD credentials) when prompted.



How to connect to the MCAD wireless on MacOS:


  • Click on the WiFi symbol in the top bar of your computer and select “MCAD.”




  • In the window that pops up, click “Continue.”



  • Enter your computer’s admin password (not your MCAD login) when prompted and click “Update Settings.”



How to forget the MCAD-Guest network:


This will prevent from your computer from automatically connecting to MCAD-Guest before the main MCAD wifi. The MCAD-guest network is extremely limited and meant only for very temporary use.


  • Click on the WiFi icon and select “Open Network Preferences.”



  • Click the lock to make changes. In the windows that opens, enter your computer’s admin password and click “Unlock.”




  • Click “Advanced” (circled above), and in the Window that opens, find and select “MCAD-Guest” in the list of network names. Click the minus button below to remove the network. Click “Remove.”



  • Click “OK,” then click “Apply.”



After this final step you should be fully connected to the MCAD wireless network in a few short moments. If you have any further issues, please contact the MCAD Help Desk.

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