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Web-ready Images

How do I save an image in a web-ready format?

Saving images for the web before posting is generally a good practice; images load faster, it’s kinder to people on slower connections, and it is ultimately a better experience for faculty and students. 

Embedding your images

It’s a good idea to format your images for the web before you embed them in your online classroom. As a general set of guidelines, a web-ready image is:

  • No higher than 227 ppi (no lower than 72 ppi).
  • No wider than 1056 pixels.
  • No larger than ~2MB.

If your image is larger than these guidelines, we recommend you resize it in an image editor (Preview on Mac, Photoshop, GIMP) before uploading it to your online classroom.

Linking your images

If an image needs to be larger (for example, a raw photo or print-ready image), it is best to post a share link to the file from a hosting site like Google Drive, Google Photos, or Dropbox, and link to it from Canvas. To create a hyperlink to an external URL in Canvas see How Do I Post a Link?

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