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I want to make a perfect bound book



2 business day turnaround for all book binding, bulk orders (more than 5 books) 5 business day turnaround. NO rush orders on books/booklets.


Make an appointment with us to discuss your project!


1.    Create main body (interior/guts) file

a.  interior file(s) must be laid out in InDesign, as facing pages, with a bleed included in document (use our template for guidance)

b.  page ranges of differing sizes, paper types, et.c from main body must be in separate files

c.  include a mock-up (physical copy or sketch/diagram of your final layout)

d.  package your InDesign file(s) 

2.    Create cover file (use our template for guidance)

a.    Wraparound cover - for perfect binding, and some wire binding styles 

wraparound cover mockup

b.    Separate covers - for wire binding or saddle-stitch binding 

book covers

3.    Fill out the Book Binding order form to completion (Use Adobe Acrobat) , include as much detail as possible 

4.    Email completed order from, with all attachments, to

*5.   Optional: drop off other materials for binding

- preprinted pages (from self serve printing or otherwise)

- blank paper/scrap paper/filler

- alternative approved materials


    • We may have questions, or run into issues while printing/binding/trimming, please keep an eye on your MCAD email, we will contact you there if we need any additional information, or need you to resubmit the order

    • We will cancel your order if we are missing information, if your file is incorrect, or otherwise unprintable 

    • Please allow 2 full business days for printing + binding, bulk orders allow up to 5 business days. See our Turnaround Times KB article for details 

    • Once your job is complete, we will charge your PaperCut account listed on the order form (Please ask for a quote in your email if necessary prior to printing)

    • You will receive an email when the job is completed and on the pick up shelf

    • Files must be saved at print size, we do not scale or make other alterations to your work

    • Please include a comprehensive mock-up or diagram of your final layout (ELI5 PLZ)

    • See KnowledgeBase article and sample booklets for Paper Types we have available

    • You may use your own paper (we may ask to see a sample before approving it to print), make note of that on your order form and email us to coordinate drop off

    • If bleed area is not included in your file, final trim size may be up to 1/8” smaller than requested

    • Keep important elements at least 1/4” from edges for all trimming and binding jobs


    • Max allowed book dimensions: 17" H, 17" W, 2" spine
    • Min allowed book dimensions: 1" H, 1" W, .125" spine
    • We encourage you to set up an appointment to discuss your project, email us to coordinate



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