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Apple Hardware Repairs

This article contains tips for if you're having a hardware issue with the student laptop you received from MCAD (or with any other personally-owned Apple computer) and you think you may need it repaired by Apple. If you are a faculty or staff member with a loaner computer owned by MCAD, please work with the Help Desk to facilitate repairs and do not work with Apple directly.

When you receive a computer from MCAD as a first year student, that computer belongs to you just as if it were purchased from the Apple store and Apple provides its warranty, not MCAD. You can read more about insuring and caring for your student laptop and about your laptop's AppleCare warranty. MCAD doesn't pay for student laptop repairs.

If your personal computer has hardware damage, you'll need to work directly with the Apple Store to have the computer repaired. It's a good idea to contact the MCAD Help Desk first - we can help confirm that you have a hardware issue and not a software issue. We also may be able to help you save your data, diagnose the specific issue, understand your warranty, and plan what to say to Apple's tech support. You can reach us at


You can start a repair with Apple here or call them at 1-800-275-2273.

You'll need your computer's serial number, which can be found on the bottom of the computer.

To start an Apple repair you can either visit an Apple Store or have them ship a box to your home.  Apple will send you a box with packaging within a day or two; it usually takes a day or two to reach them and another day or two for them to repair it and ship it back. If you visit the store, you will have to return in several days to pick up the machine. Please note that the MCAD Mailroom does not accept personal mail.

Once you've initiated the repair Apple will send you an email with a payment link that includes the cost estimate. This estimate is valid for 30 days so please make sure you are taking your time with your decision to repair your mahcine. In most cases, the cost of repair is less than the cost of a new computer, but if you decide not to move forward with the repair, you can simply not pay.

Hardware issues caused by accidental damage are not covered under Apple's standard 1-year warranty, but "parts failure" (i.e. something broke all by itself, with no damage caused by you) is covered during the first year. If your computer behaves strangely, it's to your advantage to have it repaired as soon as possible within that year.

If you have a computer with a TouchBar and are having issues with the keyboard, your repair will likely be covered for free under this Apple Keyboard Service Program. Be sure to mention this service program on the phone with the Apple tech and confirm that there will be no charge.

Please see this article if you've spilled liquid on your computer.

If you need a computer temporarily while yours is being repaired, you may be able to check one out from the Media Center. Contact to inquire.

Emergency Resources may be available to help cover repairs through the Student Affairs office. Please see their information page to find out if you qualify for assistance.

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