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Scriptwriting Application Support

Effective fall 2018, MCAD is no longer providing or supporting Final Draft scriptwriting software in the lab and laptop builds.

At this time we are recommending the following:

1. If you would like to purchase Final Draft, they offer an academic discount available here

2. A popular alternative to Final Draft is the cloud-based Celtx application. They offer a free version of their software (with a limit of up to 3 active projects) available here

3. MCAD has licensed a small number of the Celtx “Full Production” version for students needing more than 3 open projects. The majority of these licenses will be assigned to students enrolled in the Advanced Scriptwriting class. The remaining licenses may be made available on an as-requested basis to students outside this class. Contact the Media Center at for more information.

4. There exists a large number of quality free scriptwriting templates for both Google Docs and Microsoft Word. A Google search is your best bet to find one that works for you.

If you have questions about Scriptwiting Applications, please contact the MCAD Help Desk by emailing or by phone at 612-874-3666.



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