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How Do Time Zones Work in Canvas?

The default time zone in Canvas is the Central Time Zone. This means that when a totally new user views dates and times generated through Canvas tools like Due Dates in Assignments or in the Calendar—they will view these times as they appear in the Central Time Zone.

Student User

Students can identify the time zone they're in, and the system will translate times that are set up in Canvas into their time zone when they view those dates.When a student changes their time zone to Mountain Time, it means that an assignment that is due at Noon CT will appear as 11am MT.  It doesn't change the actual time the assignment is due, it just translates it into their time zone. 

Faculty User

Faculty as well can set the time zone they are in for their convenience. If faculty change their time zone to Mountain Time, they may need to adjust Assignment due dates and times so they display correctly in Central Time. In other words, if an assignment should be due at 11:59 pm CT, they will need to set the Due time to 10:59 pm MT.

How Do I Change My Time Zone?

If you want to see assignments’ due dates in your time zone on your course calendar, syllabus section, and weekly modules here are the steps:

  1. In your global navigation menu select Account, and open Settings

    canvas account 

  2. Select Edit Settings
    edit settings

  3. In the Time Zone drop-down menu select a new time zone
    new time zone in account

  4. Click the Update Settings button
    update button

  5. View the time zone for your user account
    new time zone in account

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