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How do I make a large format Black and White laser print on the Plotwave?

The Plotwave large format Black and White laser printer has a maximum output width of 36" and maximum length of 12'.

Paper options: Plain white, green, blue, yellow, or pink bond paper, semi-opaque tracing paper, or semi-transparent frosted vellum film.

To get something printed on the Plotwave, follow these instructions: 

1) Save your file at the final output size, with any crop/trim marks needed, as a TIFF or PDF only (please note: files will only be accepted if they are flattened and greyscale)

2) Email your file to the SB ( with a completed order form


2) Log into using your MCAD username and password

3) copy your Folder into the Plotwave BW Dropbox

4) Email completed order form to the SB ( and let us know file is in dropbox

Your file will be printed out as soon as possible (pay attention to our posted turnaround times), and we will charge your Papercut account when it is completed



The Plotwave does have issues with images that are longer than ~5 feet with full toner coverage (black or grey tones covering most of the print area).

Try to keep those kinds of prints 5 feet or under if possible!

If you need a larger print, try a halftone pattern or if at all possible break up the tone with white space.

(When trying to print images longer than ~5 feet with full toner coverage, the printer can become 'undertoned' and produce an error message that requires a service call and technician to reset it. That can sometimes take a day or two.)

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