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Game Consoles & Smart TVs

Game Consoles & Smart TVs

Game consoldes and other smart devices get internet access through a variety of means. If you would like to get your internet-connected device on the MCAD network, MCAD Technology recommends you connect to our wired network via Ethernet wherever possible.

However, some locations do not have wired networking jacks, or those ports may already be in use by another device (MCAD does not allow users to split ports with switches or hubs). In these cases, the only way to get your device online is via a wireless network. Most non-computer connected devices lack the ability to get on the normal authenticated MCAD network, but we do offer a limited resource network named MCAD-Residence. This network should only be used by secondary devices, and should mostly be restricted to use in the MCAD dorms, not elsewhere on campus.

To get access to this network, you can speak to your RA who should have the current login credentials. You can also send a message to the MCAD Help Desk ( to request the login information.

Again, the MCAD-Residence network is designed for devices that cannot, for whatever reason, connect to the standard MCAD wireless network. While you can certainly use the MCAD-Residence network for these devices it is a traffice limited network that blocks access to certain MCAD sites that you might need to access from a computer or mobile device. The Residence network also does not support direct connections to other devices on that network so streaming directly to it from another device might not work.

Networked printers and Google Chromecast devices are not allowed on any MCAD network for safety and security reason.

For more information on how to connect other devices to the MCAD wireless network, please see out primary article on the subject here.



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