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Access to the Digital Print Lab

Access to the Epson Inkjet printers and scanners in 317 may be granted during regular academic semesters - for completion of classwork ONLY - under the following conditions:

 • BFA/BSC Students - must be enrolled in one of the approved 'gateway' courses like Intro to Photo, Illustration 1, GD1, etc. Updated lists are posted each semester.

 • MFA Students - must have a concentration in photography. Non-photo MFA students may be able to gain access by submitting a personal proposal.

 • TAs - Teaching Assistants for Media Arts courses may be able to gain access by submitting a personalproposal.

 • Faculty - Access as needed for curricular use as long as it does not interfere with student usage. Forpersonal work, a personal proposal must be submitted.

(Note: The Digital Print Lab is closed for use during winter break but is open over the summer and other school breaks.)


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