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 In 2010, MCAD installed 3 perforated underground stormwater retention tanks. Holding up to 42,000 gallons, they effectively manage all stormwater run-off on site and slowly release it back into the soil at MCAD rather than sending the run-off down stream. Landscaping with perennial grasses and an increase in shade producing trees helps maintain on-site water retention, reduce irrigation, and support a healthier eco-system on campus. Currently installed above MCAD's Main Building entrance is a 16 x 24 foot tamarack wetland; a green roof that is designed and engineered to re-circulate  water via solar pump that collects in a cistern nearby. You can observe the field station from the second floor gallery and skyway of the Main building, or for more information, visit Below are some other great projects that keep our valuable water resource in mind.

Implemented Projects

  • Water bottle filling station available in Morrison Building
  • Flow restrictions on residential faucets, showers and toilets
  • Flow restrictions in academic facilities for faucets, toilets and urinals